Animatronics Adam Keenan


Aug 10 Animated Extras Sky TV, Animatronic Mole.
July - Aug 10 Paul Jomain Studios Nelson puppet, eye mechanisms.
July - Aug 10 Frostbite Props Department, Gun recoil mechanisms.
July - Aug 10 Frostbite Prosthetics Dept, Body Armatures.
May - June 10 Animated Extras Maynard’s Chewing Moose, Animatronic designer.
March - April 10 Effecks Studion Marmot Puppet, Animatronic Designer.
March 10 Jim Henson Co Me and My Monsters, Puppet Eye Mechanisms.
Feb 10 Jim Henson Co Lady GaGa Living dress, Electronics.
Nov 09 - Jan 10 Crawley Creatures Fight for Me pilot, Electronics.
Oct - Nov 09 Animated Extras Swift Cover, Iggy Pop Puppet.
Aug - Oct 09 MUFX Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Electronics.
July 09 Darral Macqueen Bear Behaving Badly, Puppet arm rods.
June 09 Privateer Pictures Sofficini, On set Electronics.
Jan - Oct 09 Solution Studios/ BBC Zing Zillas, Animatronics, Electronics and Props Designer.
Jan 09 Machine Shop Animatronic Designer, Mechanical Owl feet.
Nov - Dec 08 Animated Extras Silent Witness, Jointed Armatures.
July - Nov 08 Animated Extras Jaws 1916, Animatronic Designer.
July 08 Paul Jomain Studios Ferdinand pig puppets, Puppet Mechanics.
June 08 Animated Extras The Reader, Jointed Armature.
June 08 Animated Extras Ninja Assassin, Animatronic Designer.
May 08 Lion Television Horrible Histories, Puppet Mechanics.
April - July 08 Solution Studios Hellboy 2 Promotions at Comicon NY and LA Premier, Electronics.
April 08 The Glue Factory Telectroscope ticket machine, Animatronic Designer.
March 08 Neil Sterenburg Nuzzle and Scratch, Puppet Mechanics.
March 08 Wayne Warren Construction of commissioned fine art pieces.
Feb 08 Privateer Pictures Sofficcini Advert, Animatronic Designer.
Dec 07 - Mar 08 Animated Extras Vanilla Gorilla, Animatronics Designer.
Oct 07 Artem NFL Animatronic Jason Taylor, Electronics.
March - Oct 07 Baker Coogan Bunny Town, Model Making and Animatronics.
Feb 07 Animal Films Sofficini advert, On set electronics.
Jan - Feb 07 Creative Visual Effects Blenheim Palace, Animatronics Designer.
Sep - Nov 06 Warner Brothers Where The Wild Things Are, Animatronics designer.
June 06 Solution Studios Waste Busters Puppet, Model Making.
April 06 Creative Visual Effects Mutant Chronicles, Prop Guns.
Feb - Sep 06 Ragdoll Limited In The Night Garden, Animatronics Standby.
Jan 06 Creative Visual Effects Walls Magnum ice cream adverts, Physical Effects.
Dec 05 Impossible Pictures for Prehistoric Park, Physical Effects.
Nov 05 Solution Studios VW polo advert, Construction of angel wings.
July - Aug 05 Playboy UK Dr Screw series, Construction of key sets and props.
March - April 05 Jim Henson Co Dutch royal variety performance, Moving Set Builder.
Feb - March 05 Jamie Campbell Vesicare advert, Model Maker.
Feb 05 Jamie Campbell Walking with Monsters, set construction.
Jan - Feb 05 Jim Henson Co Scissor Sisters, Brit awards. Stage Pieces.
Oct - Nov 04 Jamie Campbell Benson and Hedges, Time and motion sculpture.
Sep 04 Jim Henson Co WH-Smiths worms adverts, Electronic Technician.
Aug - Sep 04 Evolution Effects WH-Smiths worms adverts, Model Maker.
Aug 04 Jim Henson Co The Disney Raoul show, Set and Model Making.
July 04 Jim Henson Co Sofficini, on set electronics.
June 04 Jim Henson Co Sugar Puffs advert, Model Maker.
Feb - May 04 Jim Henson Co Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Electronics Technician.
Dec 03 - Feb 04 Rocket Creative Sky Sports, Set Construction.
Aug - Nov 03 Impossible Pictures Space Odyssey a voyage to the planets, Art Department.
Oct 02 - July 03 VVS Ltd Sign design, manufacture and fitting.
Feb - June 00 Troika model makers Model maker.
Oct 99 - Aug 03 Squeeze 18 Decoration and lighting effects Installation, Prop building.